Hitchambury Farm, Taplow




Hitchambury Farm is a family dwelling project with a pioneering architectural design in a contemporary style to achieve a sustainable, comfortable live-work environment. The project is a two-storey building set in a semi-rural location surrounded by agricultural land on the eastern, southern and western borders. Hitchambury Manor grounds forms the boundary to the north-west and Huntswood golf course to the north-east. Access to the site is via a 200m long drive from Hitcham lane bordered by hedges and a number of mature trees.


Passivhaus Development

The relatively flat site has been cut back to create the lower ground level where the bedrooms are set, while the kitchen, living space and office are at upper ground level.

Quorum have been commissioned for Civil & Structural Engineering and CDM services. The structural form was driven by client/contractor preference for Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) to the external envelope and retaining walls to lower ground floor. Floor construction at upper ground floor/terraces and lower roof was achieved in composite floor supported on internal load bearing masonry, isolated steel beams and ICF perimeter walls. A two-storey steel frame has been provided to the cantilevered lounge and living space. Multi-level roofs have been designed in engineered joists supported on steel beams which in turn are supported by ICF walls.

A reinforced concrete slab with integrated bases for the steel frame has been designed in consideration of geotechnical recommendations as the site is underlain by white chalk with potential solution features.