Wilton Crescent, Belgravia



Extending a basement under a Listed building(1) in the centre of London


Basement Extension

In collaboration with party wall surveyors, Quorum used our extensive expertise built over 30+ years of experience to design a basement extension and an additional storey to this high-end London property.

Extending the basement of any building is always a challenge when it comes to coordinating and agreeing construction with adjoining properties. Neighbouring this project’s site was a UAE embassy, meaning that the design and construction methods had to be extensively reviewed to eliminate any risks of structural damage to the adjoining properties as well as limiting noise pollution as much as possible during construction. Quorum had gone through an extensive process of consultation with party wall surveyors and contractors to agree on a final design, what methods of construction were to be used, and on a suitable monitoring regime.


Listed Building Alterations

As well as the basement extension, it was proposed to add another storey on top of the property.

By working in close collaboration with MorenoMassey architects, the property has been re-designed internally to create high spec interior layouts for the benefit or our client. One of the main challenges in the design was that the building and some of its internal elements were listed (e.g. the existing ceiling). This involved extensive structural coordination and liaison with a conservation officer to ensure that the new floor could be added over the existing ceiling without causing any damages.  


 (1) Listing marks the unique architectural and historic interest of a building and brings it under the consideration of the planning system, so that it can be protected for future generations.